Tuesday, June 14, 2011

weekend wedding fun

two things i forgot at home: sunglasses & camera.

so, the weekend began for us at a tiny salon 50 miles from home at 10:00AM on friday morning.
Rob dropped me off to be with the girls and the poor guy had to waste like 2 hours in an unfamiliar town. good thing there's a tire shop across the road and we have a spare that needs mounting (whatever that means ha!)
The plans for this whole weekend were either very loose, OR not fully communicated.
either way.
checked into our hotel another 25 miles down the road at about 12:30. Also by now: my manicure is chipped on about 8 of 10 fingernails. :) {didnt I say I'm awesome last post?}
Next, decorating and old rustic dance hall. pretty & wonderful. also some apple pie. not the food kind.
then. getting ready for rehearsal (outdoors) and the rain starts. at least it's just rain - no storm.
lots of time gaps in between, but then we go to the golf course (club?) for dinner which was also supposed to be outside but it was still raining. darn. we ate amongst another wedding group inside. ha. the other bride was also named kim. cute.
Morning came very soon and all the bridesmaids met at the brides' parents for mimosas and hair/make-up.
Picture time. 1PM 1:45 PM. Bridesmaids & Bride only (males at 3ish) This is the first wedding I've been to that the bride & groom held tradition he literally did not see her dress until the moment she walked down the aisle. So there were also more pictures for the b&g after the wedding.
Ceremony at 4PM 4:15PM. Did I mention it was very sunny the day of the ceremony? As in, the whole day? The ceremony & pictures were outdoors. Everyone in the bridal party had nice pink shoulders & cheeks at dinner (mine are still burned!). The men were probably boiling in their black suits, the dresses were long, black & strapless, so girls were complaining of sweaty legs LOL. Also, the bridal party was about half the entire wedding as far as I could tell. Seemed like there were 30 of us!
The rings were tied to a pillow, and some dummy gave the pillow to the 5 month-old sitting in a wagon while we waited for the ceremony to start. Anybody who can guess that one of the rings went missing in the grass gets 20 points. Anyways, the baby was brought down the aisle in a wagon by her brother, the ring-bearer, and cousin, the flower girl; the ring was hunted down before the bride found out. One of the couples best friends officiated, which not that many people can say. I thought that was pretty neat. Instead of a unity candle, they did a sand ceremony with four colors, one for each family member.
We danced & partied until way too late. Made it home the next morning, all in one piece with my legs feeling really tight and like 300lbs each and a heart-shaped bruise the size of a baseball on my inner forearm.

At the end of it all, I had a total blast, am glad its over and was super excited to sleep in my own bed again.

{{UPDATE: link to the photographers pictures (so far): http://www.flickr.com/photos/jodi_photosrforever/sets/72157626964991948/ }}


  1. Sounds like a great time! Did I miss something? How did you end up with a bruise?

  2. LOL, I'm not really sure either. my guess is that it's from moving picnic tables when we decorated. . maybe..


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