Thursday, June 23, 2011

technology love

So, we just got netflix a couple weeks ago (a little behind the times, I know). As if we weren't addicted enough to our TV.
We don't have cable, so we were watching network TV. NBC is my favorite network for anybody wondering. Whoever does not love the office is not my friend, for real, plus never call me or try to make plans with me on a thursday because I will 'forget'. Other shows I love: the biggest loser, SNL, 30 Rock, Parks & Rec, 4th Hour of Today show (hoda & kathy lee on my lunch break, i just like watching KL get drunk so early in the day and make her hilarious faces, watch here for SNL's version of 4th hour), and now The Voice.

Now it's summer and all these shows are either off or re-runs. And we're watching netflix. I think this is a problem LOL. Rob even turned on Jersey Shore the other day and we've almost finished two seasons in like a week. Yes, he picked it and even though it is stupid as can be, we're hooked.

One thing I love about netflix (even if it is a problem) is that there's TONS of kids shows. A ba-jillion episodes of Thomas the Tank engine, Dora the Explorer, Barney, Diego, and more. Devin is also in love. He thinks that if he brings the controller we'll put on 'Eggo' (diego) every time. He's so cute when he watches his shows too, both Dora and Diego ask questions throughout the show and he answers everytime, mostly looking at me like I asked the question. Recently, we all enjoyed the Gumby movie. So weird to think that I was watching Gumby when I was his age.

I especially love the feature that matches what you watch with what shows are similar and suggests them to you. The more shows I have to watch, the more time I have for knitting. (just kidding) (kind of)
Oh technology...
Sorry Blockbuster, I so don't miss you. I do however miss my old movie store that closed around christmas time, I could actually afford to rent movies there. This way is so much cheaper than blockbuster, we were spending $5 / movie at least 4 times per month and now I don't even have to physically go get the movies. yay!


  1. We effing love our streaming Netflix! Isaac loves "Deego" too. Plus it's way easier to just find a movie on there rather than putting in the DVD. I don't even have to get up (which is good since I'm sort of on bed rest). I am slowly trying to convince James that we don't need cable if we have Netflix/Hulu. He's hesitant, but I think I'm getting somewhere. My latest Netflix addiction - Teen Mom. What a trainwreck!

  2. So funny you say that! I've already watched all the teen mom on there. trainwreck indeed.
    We decided it was on or the other on the internet/cable thing, and I think we chose the right one, but without a computer, I'm thinking we can't watch Hulu. :(
    If we can watch it on PS3, we haven't figured out how yet. LOL


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