Friday, July 1, 2011


today is july 1.

I can bet you my 5th grade teacher (yes I still remember her) jumped out of her bed this morning and yelled 'rabbits!' She was a superstitious gal and told us that we must do that on the first of every month for good luck. Why did I ever stop doing that?

Another thing she loved and believed was good luck was elephants. But only if the trunk is upward. hmm. *note to self, find elephants with trunks up.

also today, the state of minnesota shut down? what-the-what? did I mention that I was planning to spend this long weekend by the lake.. in minnesota? as of right now (930am) I am waiting to hear back from my family (who is already in a state park by the lake) whether or not they are being kicked out or if I should even make the drive. wow. never in a million years ...

Uncool Minnesota....

Happy Fourth of July!

ps. procrastination strikes again, I haven't packed yet and plan to leave (if I can) right after work.


  1. Sounds like Minnesota should have collectively yelled "rabbits" this morning! I hope you get to go! Take pics if you do!

  2. I have never heard about the rabbit thing but I think it's hysterically funny! I can imagine the look on my husband's face...

    Minnesota will get it together. I have faith in those people, but my fingers are crossed for you.


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