Friday, July 8, 2011

last weekend

ya, oops we're sneaking up on weekend again. 4-day weeks will do that to a person. haha.

please excuse me if this whole post is a jumbled mess. my coffee spilled this morning on my way to work so I have none. :(

so, first I didn't leave right after work, but I did get to go camping. hooray! Rob & I had lunch together first (he couldn't come with) and then I packed, and was out of town 2 and a half hours after work. not too bad. I arrived at suppertime. took my time driving (3 hours) because my jimmy is being a hunk of crap. for now it shifts into overdrive when it wants (not often), so 60mph was top speed. Not quite the speed limit, but it is the most efficient for not wasting gas when you don't have overdrive. The whole ride there Devin was wide awake and excited, I so remember being the same way when we were young! He kept saying things like "i go camping gramma grampa, I love my grandpa olson, it's my camping, look mom cows!" over and over. My kid is a repeater.
We got to spend alot of time relaxing. The water was suprisingly not ice water and we all jumped in for awhile. By we all, I mean my 2 sisters, my brother, my 2 sisters' boyfriends, devin, and 2 of my cousins (plus one more cousin and her fiance on just one day). Devin had a blast but the first day came out with blue lips. ha.
auntie & D waiting for the parade

On Sunday, my sisters & I brought Devin to the parade in town, I'm not sure what he thought about the parade, but he seemed to have fun. I instructed him to wave at all the floats (for candy haha) and he did. so cute! plus there was this kid who must've been 16 that sat next to us and chatted with me the whole time. My sisters stood behind us and gave me grief for finding a new boyfriend LOL. The kid gave Devin all his candy because he didn't want it. Nice kid.
so hot. applying chapstick 'by himself' ha.
just to the right... my new boyfriend.

So after the parade, Devin got to go on his first carnival rides at the water carnival. First he rode the racecars that go around a tiny track. I didn't realize before he got on that it whips around the corners, but that didn't scare him at all, he had a blast! The second ride was little whales going in a circle nice and slow, I think he was bored with that one. We were all super hot (I think it was 85 that day) so we went back for more swimming!
riding with a stranger - they were both good sports about it.
Monday, the day we had to leave, my uncle rented a pontoon for all of us. My parents and youngest sister stayed behind, but everybody else came. We were out there from 11-5ish, so a nice long while. Lots of sun and a few dips in the lake. Devin even got to drive us (in circles) for a bit. Driving is his all-time favorite. After driving, he had a nap on the boat. Oh to be young again..

the lake on monday. so pretty.

a bald eagle on our boat cruise.

cousin, devin, me, aunt, sister, and uncle's leg & beer.

uncle and my bro.
all tired out.

cousin and sister
(schlep sisters, whatever that means)

Anyways, there were campfires, cards, smores and drinks every night. Good old time. Plus I won the very first game of screw your neighbor! Yay! Family tradition game which I’m sure most people know, but call a different name. The pot is only quarters, but still winning is fun and I actually needed quarters for laundry when I got home. Drove home with my brother, the whole way dodging storms. it was really kind of too scary for me, but we made it. The coolest was on the last stretch between 1030 and midnight, crazy lightning all over PLUS fireworks, it was a show for sure!
the crazy sky on the way home.
Glad we're home and another whirlwind weekend to follow starting tomorrow.
Also, I never did get to take D to a fireworks show this year. Here in Fargo they were postponed because of tornado warnings, but we were all way too tired to go the next night. He did get to do a few sparklers and watch a few little ones at the campground though.

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