Tuesday, July 19, 2011

hot summer days

we had another busy weekend - who isn't busy every single weekend of the summer? i love being able to get out of the house & visit friends & family, but it is exhausting having a plan for every weekend day (my only times to relax!)
Saturday, we spent at our friends house, letting the babies swim in the baby pool & run through the sprinkler pad, while we sat & watched with out feet in. It was so hot! Plus we had some excitement there. While playing in the back yard we heard some crackling and looked at the neighbors tree in time to see a big branch fall on the power lines. Since the neighbors weren't home L called the police dept. and then some very nice looking firemen showed up to make sure it was safe and to wait for the power company to come.

Sunday, Rob's Dad & stepmom from TX made it up for a visit, so we had brunch Sunday morning and spent Sunday and Monday with them at our place. With the weather being so hot, we didn't get want to go to the zoo like we had hoped. It was something like 92 degrees with 80%  humidity, just not right. Instead we went to the air museum, which was cool too. Not air conditioned though, so same difference. The b-17 bomber was there, which I guess is a big deal. Basically a huge plane and cones around it with signs that said $25,000 fine if you get any closer to the plane than this.

devin had a blast driving the one plane you could get into.
and sitting in the cockpit of a helecopter.
he couldnt get enough and I got the cutest video of him in there.
I got a little knitting time in, and of course, started something new without finishing anything. I have a project that just needs button bands, and I was half done with that, after following the pattern exactly, I realized my button band was too little. I hate that. Why are button bands so difficult for me?! So anyways, I got antsy with my new yarn and tried winding it into a ball by hand, which would not have been any big deal at all if little man had already been in bed, I believe this skein was something like 460 yards. So lets just say that's a TON of yarn, I hung it over the oven handle and stood there winding, while Devin had his fingers on the other end tugging. GRR, i lost a few yards to the knot this caused, but I'm hoping I have enough yarn yet to finish the project I cast on already. if not, I will have to work at the knot a bit more. I wanted to share a pic of that, but it looks like my picture didn't upload instantly as it should, so maybe i'll try for a WIP wednesday tomorrow.

Plans for tonight: making a cake and going for a swim!

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