Tuesday, June 8, 2010

finished some stuff

I'll start by saying work has been really kicking my butt lately. Things are weird around here these days. It's a long story for another post, but that means less blogging time, since I blog mostly at work. Not that anyone is missing anything, because work is the only part of my life that is even relatively busy. LOL

First, I'll share what I've been working on:

Meet Timmy:
Yes, that's the name we decided on. He's tiny... like 5 inches or so. When I gave him to Devin he chewed & drooled on him right away. I think that means he likes him.

Next, my 'table runner':
WAAAAHHHH! All the hard work and I ran out of yarn like 4 inches short. This was a heartbreaker, but the way it looks, it's a good thing. The first half went pretty good, not perfect, but decent looking. The last 1/3 or so of it, I had to revise my pattern to go backward and since I do not design knitting patterns... yea, obviously not perfection. The reason I didn't go get more yarn to finish is because my mom gave me this yarn from her {very large} stash, and I can tell by the price tag that it is very old (does Target sell yarn anymore?)and I would have had a horrible time matching it (it's a light yellow) and it would not have been worth it. I gave it to Devin and once again, he acted like he loved it. LOL he slept with it! Don't know when I'll attempt that again... probably won't since I'm getting a sewing machine in a few short weeks! I'm a little excited. It will take wayyyy less than 3 weeks to make one simple table runner on a sewing machine.
The reason I want a table runner is so I will keep my table cleared off and we can use it for eating. What a weird idea, I know, but right now it is for storage apparently and I'm tired of looking at that crap [some of it is mine too].

My other goings-on are: reading Eclipse. Finally getting back to it more seriously and it's getting to the good part, which obviously means the end is coming and before I know it the movie will be out. YAY!
Speaking of movies, we rented Alice in Wonderland this weekend. yea. It was OK. That doesn't tell you much, but it definitely wasn't a favorite.
We also rented Wolfman. Not good, in fact I'd call it boring.

And one more thing that I find totally hilarious. Don't judge, because it's really mean that I find it funny. We know this girl, she's Rob's best guy bud's fiance. She's tiny, like 98 lbs soaking wet, 5'2 maybe. She just had a baby girl back in March and the whole time she was pregnant she hated it, even though she wanted soooo bad to have a baby. The whole time I was making hopes opposite of hers. Like say, she wanted baby to come at 37 weeks and when she'd 'guess' that out loud I'd say... hmm, I bet she comes at 41 weeks (I was right BTW!) So anyways, just before baby came, I said... I hope she stays fat after baby comes. LOL MEAN! but.. seriously, she was tooooo skinny and plus I'm positive that it makes her feel superior to be skinny and tiny. Point of my story, about a week ago, 10 weeks post-partum, she was at the bar with her fiance {drinking} and someone asked if she was pregnant! LOL YESSS!



  1. You will love having a sewing machine! At least I have loved having mine :)

  2. I know I will because I see all kinds of cute stuff to make around the blogosphere and no way to make it unless I want to hand sew - which takes me forever!


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