Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Did I mention that I recently finished reading a book?

I hate reading. I have loved all 3 Twilight books though, surprisingly enough. I think everyone who has read them says that though. I should also say that I'm pretty sure Eclipse holds the record for the longest book I've ever read (and finished or not sparknoted). So I know I'm in for a treat when I start Breaking Dawn.
So anyways, I won tickets to the midnight premiere on the radio. Funny story about that, I normally don't listen to the station I won from so the one and only time I called & tried to win these tickets is the time I won! :) I took my friend Amanda. I've known her since forever, but we haven't seen each other in awhile... like a year or more. It was great to hang out and have a totally girly {teeny-bopper!} time. Her mom even watched Devin for us to go - I was NOT expecting that and she offered and was more than happy to do it!

We got in line at a little after 9 and we were wrapped around the building. Like, the end of the line. I think it was playing 6 or 7 shows and the lines were seperated for which theater. Our line got to go sit first. The movie was reaaalllly good! Totally worth coming to work on 3 hours of sleep for! My alarm went off this morning and I contemplated calling in for too long, LOL! My boss knew I was going, so I doubt she'd've minded, but I'm tough and I'm also going to bed waaayyy early tonight. Like, as soon as pipsqueak falls asleep!
"Smiling" & crossing his ankles.

I just remembered something I haven't talked about here yet. Rob quit M&J and is now on the road. The driving is temporary, easy cash. He is in Mississippi at the moment and heading back this way this morning. This is his 2nd trip down, he's doing it with his friend, for the friend's dad. They're getting FEMA trailers (the RV kind) and bringing them up to the reservation. I'm not 100%, but I believe they're for housing. The last trip took 5.5/6 days. This one should be 4.5/5 days. They had a whole crew last time and this time, it's just Rob & Bo, who know what they're doing and don't need to sleep every 6 hours. It's been interesting for us not having Daddy around. Last week Lex was there to help, but this week, I'm on my own. It's only Wednesday and we've been very busy this week already! Of course there was last night, and then Monday night, my mom & sister came to town to meet my mom's cousin from Tennessee and we were busy with that until way past Devin's bedtime!

Blah, ok, this is getting long and I still haven't gotten to my WIP's. I have 2 now. I haven't worked much on the orange 'thing' which will be revealed when it's finished and I started a 'spur of the moment, we're at the fabric/yarn store & lexi found a free pattern of something she wanted & I had yarn' project. It's yoga socks and they're obviously waaaayyy smaller than the orange one, so that's nice. Gives my eyeballs some different colors to look at. Here are my projects balled up on the desk. It's the best I can do for now, since I'm not at home..
Happy Humpday!

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