Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not Cool

{Devin's new favorite phrase - so funny & adorable when he says it}
I'm having a really hard time understanding something.

Wanna know what that is?

It's the fact that I {may} have gotten 3 seat-belt tickets in one month*, but still, THIS goes on. Not cool Fargo PD! Not a single answer or arrest yet, but tons of surveillance. Come on.

Way to keep the city safe. I'm sorry I'm tall (and truly believe seatbelts are not designed for those of us 'blessed with a chest') and you can't see that the short people also don't wear seatbelts everywhere they go. Work on finding robbers instead, please.

yea, yea... I know I'll get over it.

*It was all last year, and I currently wear my seatbelt 100% of the time.



  1. I know a girl who will not wear a seat belt because she was in a car accident and they said not wearing her seat belt saved her life. And I agree, tall with boobs = UNCOMFORTABLE!!

  2. *sigh* I unfortunately cannot sympathise with you. No boobs and Im short... *sigh*(again).
    Bank robberies are crazy here too. People are getting desparate! Man I cannot spell today...

  3. LOL that is definitely not cool! I'm tall and have somewhat big boobs too but I never thought it was uncomfortable.


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