Thursday, February 10, 2011

Smart Dog

So last night, Rob & I were watching World news with Diane Sawyer and this doggy came on and impressed the pants off us! He knew over 1,000 words. So amazing! Here's the link to the story for anyone interested.
At the end of the story Diane says that this story will be on NOVA Science Now on PBS. We don't watch that show.. but we were impressed like I said, so we gave up our regular (funny) shows & watched the last half. We didn't get to see the amazing dog again, but there were some other really sweet things. Would it be weird if I said NOVA is my new favorite show?

If you're not impressed by the dog - this bird is even more amazing with its tiny brain! We were watching and saying 'that bird is smarter than devin!' And it truly was - now I want a smart pet!

No WIP Wed yesterday because it would have been a copy/paste matter ha. We had the flu last weekend and momma has gotten no knitting time between then & now. :(


  1. Hope you guys feel better soon! And what an amazing dog!


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