Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Friday was Devin's birthday and I got home from work early enough to be home when he woke up from his nap. When he woke up we gave him a little toy motorcycle, like 2" tall. He was sooo super happy and tried riding it right away LOL - funny guy.
Holding the tiny handlebars
Saturday, we ran errands, got cupcake & birthday stuff.
Sunday was Devin's 2nd birthday party (and Rob's actual 32nd birthday).
I learned a few lessons in being the bdpp (birthday party planner) and I'm sure I'll learn something new every year from now until eternity about that. Just wow.
We waited at our chosen restaurant for an hour for a table. And we had reservations.
We had 5 kids come, all were between 2months and 3 years except one.
Here's Devin meeting the alien:

And here is the birthday boy loving the attention:

{the party may or may not have been during his nap time. yikes}


  1. Well Happy (belated) Birthday to Devin and Rob!!!
    Nothing is ever easy anymore is it? An hour wait, yuck!

  2. Just now catching up with my blog reading. Happy belated birthdays!


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