Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday.

Well, I'm about or over halfway done with 'the cameron' for Devin, and I'm out of yarn (surprise!! ... not). It's looking super nice and I tried putting the 'back' against his back (to check length) and he just goes 'thanks mom' LOL.

bear hugs - been hiding/resting. =/
that's all there is.

Unless you want to see little guy at the dr. on Friday:

He's normal size, normal development... you know all the good stuff the dr. can say. After the nurse brought us back we had to wait for the dr. in just a diaper haha. plus he got more immunizations. I feel like that place tricks me, I swear they said last time that we would need no shots this time. The excuse is that they 'changed some and added more' blah blah blah. ok.

Magically the 5 days following the immunizations we have this poor pathetic boy who doesn't even want to play or eat. So sad. He even laid on the couch with blankets - he has never, not once, done that.


  1. I'm sure he'll be back to his perky self really soon! Those are some fun photos.

  2. Aww poor guy! I hope he feels better soon

  3. aww, I hope he's feeling better soon! he is too cute on the computer!!


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