Monday, April 4, 2011

the view..

. . . out the back door of our apartment:
Here's another from a nicer day and the sidewalk alongside our building:
these things are 6feet tall and every other one is printed with 'spirit of fargo'. Somehow (I should have watched!) they held them upright and scooped huge loads of sand up in them. Lets hope they hold the river on the other side!

and the view from the inside of my apartment on a sunday night:
baby elvis. haha.


  1. Where did you get those Elvis glasses? Too cute!

  2. Elvis is adorable as always, lol!
    So the river is just on the other side of those things? Scary! I hope it stays back!

  3. LOL the elvis glasses were part of Rob's halloween costume from the costume store.

    The park is on the other side of those bags and the river might/probably will be touching the other side of them any day now. On a normal day, the river is 100+ feet away from where the bags are.

  4. Yeah, that is a bit scary. Hope you guys stay dry!


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