Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the blahs

My life seems to have lost its rhythm.
How does that happen?
I have a few weeks worth of laundry to do because ... well just because I've been on what I like to call 'housekeeping strike'. Mostly by choice*, but partly not too. Why is it that I can have a spotless bathroom OR a spotless kitchen but NEVER both? Seriously, one of life's mysteries to me. And if by chance, I ever finally come close to having both, the laundry pile is ginormous. I need a maid, or practice.

So. Nobody come visit me please, because you will not like what you see.

What I'm trying to say is: I'm trying to find a system, but most of what I find isn't all that helpful for us 'working moms' (like I'm actually going to wake up an hour before everybody else and clean...sorry but I'm already short on sleep). Anybody have any suggestions?

sorry for another pointless post, but this just might explain the lack of posts lately too. I'm hoping to play catch-up and get refreshed this long Easter weekend.

*read as: i'd rather play with my little boy. or knit.


  1. My last kid is 18 and I still haven't figured it out. The only thing that's changed is I no longer care as much. Nobody is going to write on my tombstone, "her house was messy." Even if they do, I'll be dead and I won't care!

  2. you're ahead of me at least, I dont ever have a spotless kitchen or bathroom! I was never a super neat person anyway, but as soon as I had kids I stopped even caring. I could spend days and days cleaning my whole apartment and getting it perfect and it would jsut get destroyed in half an hour! Every time I have some extra free time I always vow that I'm going to finally get caught up on laundry or housework, but it's never happened yet. Oh well, I'd rather my kids grow up happy in a messy house!


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