Thursday, November 10, 2011


So, did anybody else watch the Country Music Awards last night?
I did. And I thought there were alot of really good performers!
Also, I kinda wanted to stomp my feet when Taylor swift won entertainer of the year. She is like... bad. And annoying being played on every station. I would have been happy with anyone other than her winning.

Plus, there are so many songs lately that sound so similar to me and are sort of whiney, sad story type.
Too many! I normally wouldn't mind, but I've been listening to one particular radio station for almost 24/7 like a month now trying to win cash (the girls in the office are doing the same - we're registered online and hoping they call our name to win money) and this station really over-does it on the sappy. The contest should be ending tomorrow and I am so putting Christmas music on Pandora at work until Christmas is over!

Nothing else Christmas has come out at our house, but the music is definitely welcome!
TGIF, tomorrow!

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