Thursday, October 27, 2011

{TUSAL} - October

Hi there. Not much going on over here other than the usual: working, hanging out with my little fam, knitting and being glad it hasn't snowed in Fargo yet. I really hate scraping frost off my windsheild in the morning rush and as of today, that has officially begun. blah. (also I generally hate the morning rush.)

I guess we have a new moon and so here I present to you: my project (err, jar o scraps):
(also, pluto pez that devin picked out at the grocery store last night and forgot all about thank goodness)
can't wait for this stitch along to be over with.

Lately I have been wanting to enjoy the fresh air so and not be bored so Devin and I have been taking a walk around the block once it gets dark outside. Best.idea.ever. I never have to hang out at the park while he slides the same slide 934 times. If we go for a walk during daylight he immediately goes to the park and we don't get to walk anywhere. Plus, he is a little sweetie about staying by mama in the dark and he even holds my hand! I love holding his sweet little sticky hands!

Ps. what is everyone being for halloween? i have no costume ideas what-so-ever and we may be going to a grown-up dress-up party (depending on whether or not we have a babysitter...). Devin is going to use his same costume dragon from last year, because I dug it out of his closet and he totally dug it. He even made a scary pose and growl.

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