Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Rob shows me love by cleaning my car. And fixing it. And putting gas in it. And changing oil and cleaning the windshield. That's his way. If those things weren't being done, I'd wonder. {side story: I actually got asked last week if I'd gotten new rims on my car. hahah, nope, my man just shined 'em up that good!}

So, Sunday we went to the mall to pick out something very important.

In about 6 months {when we get taxes and can afford it} I'll be wearing one of these (the one on the top). It's still weird to think about, but I suppose we have been together long enough now. I'm not big on jewelry, and most definitely am not concerned with cost or sparkle, but these rings suit me just perfectly and Rob has a card from the store with the numbers in his wallet. :)
Another thing, I am so ready to be done looking like a single mom everytime I am in public with my baby! Yippee! Also, the thought of planning our wedding is still waaayyy out there for me. I'd rather be perpetually engaged. . .


  1. Congratulations! They are beautiful rings.

  2. Um... what???? I find out about this on your BLOG? I'm speechless.


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