Wednesday, August 25, 2010


We had a 4-day adventure this last weekend. Me and Devin (and not rob) went to the lake with my parents Friday through Monday. It was probably the most beautiful weekend of the year and I got there the day after it rained. :)

Devin had fun camping. He's into everyting nowadays, but his 2 aunties & grandma & grandpa were a big help in keeping him out of the icky stuff {like poison ivy, eating dirt or bugs, and too much mud}. He learned that 'fishies' are in the water and 'birrrrds' are in the sky. Except when he saw a chipmunk, that was also a 'birrrrrd'. LOL

He didn't get nearly enough sleep the whole weekend. Poor kid. He's clumsy as is. Without enough sleep he practically falls apart. He fell backwards off the picnic bench and then about an hour later when I changed his diaper {biper} for bed, I set him down and grabbed the dirty to go out and before I'd even stood up he fell out of the camper! {{Panic}} Yea, not good. He's OK though - nobody worry.

The day we left, I checked facebook in the morning and saw that one of my high school classmates passed away over the weekend. :( Here's a link to the story. Verrry tragic!

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