Thursday, August 5, 2010

Olson Wednesday

Guess what, no WIP wednesday this week. Firstly because I forgot, and also because to be a WIP, I'd have had to actually *worked* on something. That's only a half-truth because I did cast on another project but I'm going to keep it a secret from my blog until I decide/find out who it's going to be for and whether it's actually going to turn out how I think or not.

Instead I left work 2 hours early and headed north to visit my family. It was my Grandpa's birthday yesterday, and coincidentally my Aunt is in town from Washington, so we had a picnic. Devin got his picture taken by my cousin Rachael and she got some cute ones! Also, my little sister got a 2011 Hyundai Sonata and I got to drive it from the picnic to my brother's new apartment. I'm pretty jealous, but I also think my car still has more options. I like the blue-tooth thing in there though!

So, here's some pictures from our picnic. Also, I noticed as I was posting them on facebook that I don't have one picture of Rach..? Mostly Devin & my sisters, weird.
Little boy with Uncle Josh.
He reminds me sooo much of baby Josh.

Sis & Dad

Auntie LaLa

My Dad (in white) and siblings (minus 2)

This is my favorite of the evening, even though Dev is looking the wrong way!
(L-R)Cousin Emily, Sissy Chrissy, Baby Devin, & Me)
And yes, those are my new glasses. Finally! They gave me 20% back, of the price I paid out of pocket, not the total with inurance. So that was nice.

One last thing. I DID produce something this week. I'm having issues with my sewing maching, I knew I shoulda read the owner's manual before I touched it at all! I think I'm figuring out the problem(s), for example, I didn't know you need a ball point needle I'll  get it, very slowly. I think there's still hope for me and my sewing machine.

Look familiar?

Yep, it's a match to Isaac's top!
They're definitely cousins now!
Rach & I just love the idea of them matching like we did as little girls!

Making a few business calls on the way to work this morning.

Happy Thursday (a.k.a. day before Friday)!!


  1. Great family photos! Love the one with the "cell" phone. My DD had one at that age and loved it.

  2. Ahh I love those shirts! Isaac wore his blue one today. :)

    And I suppose I'll forgive you for not taking any pics of me... Maybe next time. For now, I'll remain a phantom to your readers.


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