Monday, August 2, 2010

being an adult.

Sometimes being an adult is soooo stressful! This week, I wrote my last check, without thinking that it was my last check because the book I wrote it out of was the FIRST book from a new box. Guess what, the rest of the box disappeared on me! And guess what else, rent is due! And Daycare! Darnit darnit!
I had to go to the bank & have them issue me money orders. Oh for stupid. But I also ordered TWO boxes of checks while I was there, so I'll have some pretty soon.

Othertimes, being an adult is awesome because if you decide you want to camp in your livingroom for 2 weeks straight, well, guess what! You make your trusty man-friend (I'm talking about Rob, not some other man-friend, LOL) drag your mattress to the livingroom floor and park it for 2 weeks. And yes, that's what we've done :) There was 2 reasons I felt like camping in the livingroom: 1. because I'm a nerd and 2. because the AC is out there. I hate waking up too hot!

Otherwise, I finally got my glasses on Friday. Hooray, I can see things up close again!
Oh, and I almost forgot we gave Devin-boy a shave yesterday. He is so much cooler now! Heat-wise, that is. ;)

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  1. Yes, sometimes being a grownup is waaaay less fun than being a kid. But grownups get to have wine!


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