Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Birthday post

I haven't said what my birthday was like yet! Get ready, it's a long busy one.

Friday, we went to get Rob & Devin fitted for tux for the wedding this september. We ended up buying Dev's for like $25 less than renting. We waited for 45 minutes before anyone even came to talk to us - ugh. Then we went to the meat store & got stuff to go home & grill.

Saturday, Rob wanted to wash his car, so he went to Jess&Lyndsays (the soon-to-be-marrieds) to use the driveway & hose. Devin and me went too, in my own car, and just as we got there, L was leaving for a walk w/the baby so me and Devin went with. We went like 2 blocks to where Jess was helping build a fence and watched for an hour or so. The homeowner (jess's uncle) gave devin a spray bottle with water and he loved that. He never did figure out how to spray away from his face, but he thought it was pretty funny to spray himself, so as long as he was happy! It was super hot out, so I'm sure it felt good! After that, we went home and gave D a power nap and hung out in the AC a little bit then headed over to Kim's for her housewarming barbeque. It was also my birthday party of course, so I brought some of my favorite beverages and we hung out outside. The kids swam & played with the hose and playhouse outside - they were very hungry when it was time to eat and very tired when it was time to sleep - always a good thing :)

Sunday, Mom,Dad, and Lexi brought over a tiny birthday cake & picked us up for the zoo. We had a blast! Devin was pretty brave about the birds/geese. The peacock got really close and he just stared (picture below &on facebook), Then a big white goose did the same thing, looked him right in the face and "HONK" - Devin jumped higher than I've ever seen and flipped out. Soooo funny, but of course I felt reaaallly mean for laughing, he was really scared - until I picked him up. He was in and out of the stroller, checking everthing out. The fish & ducks were his favorite I think. The prairie dogs were also kinda neat, as well as anything that resembled a 'buppy'. They have this thing you can go in the fence with the goats. They made him a little nervous. He didn't mind the babies, but the mamas (or daddies?) kept coming over to check out and he didn't really like the ones with horns even though they were gentle enough.

After the zoo, we scrubbed hands and went out to eat birthday dinner. Baby boy was a big eater! Then we went home & had bath and I left to the Hinder concert with my sister. I wasn't expecting much since I don't really listen to them and when we showed up the opener was on, I though they were Hinder and was totally thinking 'meh'. They came on and pretty much proved me wrong. We had a great time and I think I'm a fan now.

Last night, I was supposed to go for birthday bucket Monday at Buck's - but alas, no babysitter. And it was soooo hot I just wanted to stay right in front of my AC. Supposedly, yesterday was going to be a record-breaker, but I don't think it ended up being, still though it was damn close! I love August!

Picture time:

Pre-tux time

Coloring & waiting for assistance @ tux store.
Rob didn't know it was photo time.

Peacock eating the feed I dropped from the feed machine.

Dev checking out the geese. This isn't the one that honked at him.
That one was outside the fence.

Riding the carousel. He did really well

Hinder singer. Yes we were really close.
It was a really small concert.

I WISH I had pictures from the bbq. :(


  1. I hope you had a great birthday! That carousel photo is so cute.


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