Monday, January 31, 2011

the trip:

:we started the trip with going all the way around Fargo, to cross the river into minnesota & get on the highway that brings us to rob's mom's house and they are moving a house on the road in front of us. if we'd have known we would've crossed the river after we got south by her house. Had to go around & out of the way again for about 2 miles to pass the house. Plus we were almost out of gas already.

We got to grandma's house & loaded into their stinky car*. We drove about an hour & stopped for lunch so little man could stretch & eat (and hopefully nap afterward). The driving went well for Devin, who we were most worried about and it really didn't seem too far until the way back.

After we had supper, we got to swim at the hotel. Funny, right when we got to the hotel and were getting in the elevator, Devin spotted the pool and ran off saying 'swimming!' LOL, I knew he liked swimming, but I didn't think he was that impressed. He even dared try out the hot tub, on the top step only, ha!

We went to the Mayo clinic the next morning for grandma's labs in the morning & dr. appt. right after lunch time. Since we had to park in the parking ramp & pay parking when we leave, we stayed there all day - which the place is pretty much designed for, it's like the mega-mall big with lots of open hallways & benches & even just plain sitting rooms. well, not plain actually, they're all really fancy. Sort of a little bit like an airport.

When grandma was in her appointment Devin & I sat in a hallway with big open windows (rob slept in the car)** & people watched - Devin napped.

He was a really good boy at the clinic too. He had lots of space to run & he wanted to pretty bad, he also wore himself out pretty good! Every elevator ride was 'c[r]aaazy' LOL. And every old person at the hotel was gaga over how cute & well behaved Devin was being.

We left the parking ramp at Mayo at 4:00PM on thursday and headed for home. So, an hour from Rochester is Minneapolis/St.Paul - 5:00 :) That was fun. Rob was the driver for the entire trip because he likes that. Driving (among several other things related to cars) is his thing, the thing he's really good at. But remember he hadn't slept the night before. He was reallly crabby. And his mom was really question-y. Like a bunch of questions - at least one per minute. Made the situation really tense with the traffic & the trivia. And the baby slept through rush hour in the cities (which makes fargo's rush hour look really sad). If only grandma would've slept though the rush hour too.. haha.

A few hours after rush hour, which literally was at least an hour - like I said, we stopped at space aliens for supper- fun times. Devin got to play wack-a-mole! And ride a rocket. He loved it!

Then he passed out for almost the rest of the ride home & we pulled into the parking lot of our apartment at 11.30pm. and I worked the next day {friday} with very sore eyeballs! It was a mostly good trip, I'd say successful even, since we all 4 made it back in one piece and no emergencies!

*stinky car - they both (rob's mom & her husband) smoked lots & lots of cheap cigarettes over the years in there. plus I was sitting in old man's chair and well... he sweats when he eats, just put it that way. ewww. in retrospect & in the future, we will drive our own car.

**because he couldn't sleep at the hotel. he was seriously awake all night long & everytime he repositioned in bed, it was loud like crinkling paper & everyone else woke up too - we all slept awful because he was awake all.night. My guess: he was wired from driving 6 hours...

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  1. I hope everything went well at the clinic. Those long car rides can be tough for a little kid but it sounds like Devin made it just fine.


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