Wednesday, September 1, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Are you ready for it?
I think this is by far my favorite finished knit:
I followed the pattern perfectly (a true challenge for me) and no ripping back and no tears and, and, and it just went smoothly and turned out very cute. My only problem is the seam at the bottom, I suck at seams. In order to get them to stand up for pictures I stuffed them with peanut butter cups {minis}. I think I might present them that way when I give them to her too, for a little mommy treat.
Sweet Baby Janes
I'm sure I've mentioned here that my friend Kim is expecting around Christmas time. A baby girl. She has a boy already, so baby Dylan will need some pink things. I'm also working on a hat, which is about halfway done and will probably {hopefully} turn out like {except better} my very first finished knit that I made for another friends' baby back in March{it's even the same yarn}:

Here's the progress on that:

So there's that. Then remember, I confessed to being a message board junkie. Well, the knitting board I belong to is having a Knit-Along of a pot holder. I got a fancy cotton yarn at the yarn shop {rather than Hobby Lobby, I'm advancing!} and we have only done day one. I'm sure it'll be finished by next Wednesday so you can see what I'm talking about.

And good ole' orange is kinda... sitting. If I could just get some time to work on her, she'd be done in no time.... She's big by now. And I can only knit after Devin's gone to bed, otherwise it's just like having a cat around... There's less of a difference between his bedtime and mine these days though. I don't think I can ever go to bed early enough anymore... sigh. getting old. :)

There you have it. Happy Hump Day. And oh yea, it's September now, huh? Can't believe that!
I'm going to get my tire fixed today during my lunch break, cuz I got a stupid flat last night.
I'd rather be knitting, or reading, or cleaning my house, or eating, or sorting coupons, or, or, or...


  1. Those booties are sooooo adorable! Don't you just love that pattern? Really nice job. I'm sure your friend will be thrilled.

  2. OMG I love that little hat! If I ever have a girl you MUST make one for her!


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