Tuesday, September 7, 2010

what day is it?

Ohhh, that's right, NOT monday :)
Hooray for a 4-day week.
And for the preceding 3-day weekend!
We did alot of relaxing.
Then Saturday we did a bit of partying. See, our friends are getting married this weekend. So more partying will probably commence. All for them. :) This weekend was my first party bus experience. That was the bachelorette party. The (2nd... wtf) Bachelor party was this weekend, Rob attended both. Last weekend was the strip bar and this weekend was the boys getting together out at the lake cabin.
I absolutely cannot wait for the wedding. Strange because I'm not a wedding person at all (well, last years wedding on my birthday was pretty fun, shhh don't tell). This time I'm not in it though - and Rob & Devin are. Plus this one is IN TOWN! I dont' know why but I like the idea of that much better than out of town. Maybe cuz I get to sleep in my bed after a long day, and I happen to like my bed alot (more than normal, lol). All I know is, it should be fun. Plus I don't think Rob and I have ever done a full wedding together, like last summer, he came for the bar and that was it.

Enough about that.
Time for baby stuff. Devin has words now. Cute ones. Like blanket = bankey or bankit. Every morning when I get him up (if rob gets him up he just says mommy over and over LOL) he hands his blanket over the railing and says 'banket.' then he sits up and looks around. then he finds 'bear' and hands him to me 'brrrr'. He knows up, get down, all done, want more, juice (jews LOL), want bite? - which is one of my faves, until he starts forcing the spoon into my nose. I know there's more, but I'm forgetful. He loves being a big helper, like anytime I do laundry, he follows me back & forth to the laundry room. He's all the more proud if he gets to carry the detergent. Or if something drops out of the basket and he picks it up.

This weekends good news: I finally got my house all scrubbed down and laundry all caught up. Over $20 worth of quarters for laundry. aye aye aye - I feel better now though.

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