Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall TV

So, you know I'm sorta obsessed with TV right?
Well I have a big problem. My antenna (ya....) won't pick up NBC right now.
NBC is my favorite network. I'm just crossing my fingers it will start working soon... maybe some snow will help? I have no idea, we got new upstairs neighbors and once they moved in our NBC stopped working. Freaking digital tv. I hate it.

But anyways, last night was new:
How I Met Your Mother - Good! I'll be watching, there's usually not much else I want to watch on Mondays.
Two and a Half Men - ya... i'm sure I'll be watching this too. Not sure about it having Ashton K. but I didn't not like it. The season premiere should have been an hour long in my opinion.
New show: Two broke Girls: seems funny. I hope it stays funny & stays on the air..

So sad I won't be watching Biggest Loser tonight unless a digital tv miracle occurs. Regardless, there's another new show I want to watch tonight anyway. Girl crush is right... I so said that to Rob last night when the commercial came on! Though, sad but true, I originally thought Z. was Katy Perry and I hate her, so I wasn't going to watch.... ooops!

What are you watching this fall?


  1. We dvr so much! We wouldnt get to watch anything if it werent for that dvr. Modern Fam, Middle, Biggest Loser, anything Gordon Ramsey does...

  2. I'll be playing tennis, then watching PBS: Abraham and Mary Lincoln. Yes, I know how boring I am!


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