Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Well this week is a bit colorful!
Lets go from bad to good.
Ok, so I'm not really being fair in calling this bad. They are cute:
Even stretched over my man hands...

I have followed the pattern exactly, except for one thing. The yarn.
I thought I had it right, but I actually used thinner yarn than this pattern says.
(sport rather than chunky)
It's still OK in my book, even if they have to stretch more than the example to fit.
I'm going to have to go back and add a little more length to the fingers and give it a thumb. No biggie.
Oh ya, and then make the other mitten. heh.

sock one. of my first pair of socks.
socks are not fun to knit.
i don't really care what anybody says about them being quick or portable or anything!
the stitches are so tiny that they are not quick - at least not to me, and I've definitely picked up knitting speed.
(which reminds me, next on my list of techniques to learn is magic loop)
but i really really want to have my own pair of handknit socks and I'm so close that I'm just gonna suck it up and finish these eventually.
 believe it or not, this sock does fit on my foot (other than lengthwise because, uhhh it's not done yet) which is amazing because it looks so tiny my mother-in-law was convinced I was making socks for Devin when she saw this come out of my bag.
they are really really stretchy and i'm still not sure i'm sold on the color mumble-jumble created by the pattern and yarn. what-ever. could be worse I suppose.

and finally, what I consider my most successful WIP right now.
It's actually done now, the all day beret.

photo from
I tried a new yarn on this one - the one recommended on the pattern, duh.
(down to the color.. hehe)
Bamboo Ewe - 55% viscose from bamboo, 45% wool.
I really liked it because it's so smooth, even, soft, and slightly shiny!
I think I am developing an addicton to knitting hats, they work up quick, cute and useful!

**my dad calls me Bella - awww.

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