Thursday, September 8, 2011

funny baby

Guess what!
Chicken butt! HAHAH!
remember that old joke?
Found this one at 'snappy stop' in Rochester.
Yummy little burger stand.
When I say little, I mean little.
I cut off the top a little, but I think it's taller than it is wide on any side.


Have you ever heard a two year old saying 'come to daddy'?
It is so super hilarious! Probably - you had to be there.

Mine has been pretty funny lately. Last night we went to check on him in bed {big boy bed, that's right!} right before we went to sleep and he was covering his ears and it looked like he was awake, hearing something loud, but he was fast asleep and really clutching. I couldn't stop laughing.

Now everytime we go somewhere, he has it figured out where we are going, who will be there, etc. Usually, it's more like 'we're not going to jenny's (daycare)' or 'we're not going to black store (grocery)'. After he tells me 100 places we're not going, then he says where we've already decided we *are* going. Also, lately he told me he wanted to go to the hobby store. He's so well trained. LOL


I was thinking the other day that we've spent probably more of our summer on the roads in Minnesota than in our own place/at work this year. I'm ready to quit driving all around Minnesota (especially in construction season, seriously!). We had multiple trips to Rochester, twice to the lakes, and a few other events/visits that I can't think of.

I hate to say this, but another thing I'm ready to be done with... weddings. Even with each of them not being my own they cost so much money!! Gifts, clothes to wear {in the case of most of the weddings I've been to, a bridesmaid dress}, gas & travel money {hotel}, etc. In the end, the party {ahem, dance} is usually fun but everything before that stresses me out. As you can probably tell by my un-married status: I am just not a fan of weddings.

While I am complaining/ranting (which I hate to do on my blog, so lets get it over with), I am so so so tired of the song 'if i die young'. it was/is a good song, i appreciate the tune, the words, all of it. but if i hear it again in the next 20 minutes (which is highly likely, even while *not* listening to the radio... why!) i'll be needing a drink. it is just so depressing - sort of like working at a life insurance office... oh, wait....


Our last trip to rochester was last week, and rob's mom bought me a new pair of clearance sandals (yay!) (from target, check it out if you haven't yet!) and yarn (double yay!) on our trip. Everything went well and my new yarn took me all of 24 hours to knit up. The pattern I used had been in my Rav queue since June 2010. So hooray for that!
pre-blocking. not that i'm expecting much to change...

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  1. LOL, I tell Adria "guess what, chicken butt" probably 20 times a day, that is our favorite joke! Too funny about Devin saying he wants to go to the hobby store haha, he is hilarious!

    I love the hat, sooo pretty!


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