Friday, April 20, 2012


check out my temp ride:
so cute. (thats my shadow, not a dent on the front fender)
my truck is broke (big suprise, not.) so i'm borrowing my MIL's car for now while we work out what we want to do with mine (fix or dump). It already went to the shop, and is running now, and even better than before but is still a big turd so...

adult life is so awesome... *sigh*

Rob now wants me to have my own PT (i pretty much do too) but he says if we get me one, it must be all tinted so nobody can see him driving it. I guess it's not masculine enough.... ha. good thing he has his own pickup.

Devin thinks its awesome riding in grandma's car and thinks that we must hunt for other PTs while driving it.. he's so funny. He also knows other (GMC) Jimmy's really well too now.


  1. That's funny because I've always thought of PT's as sort of a guy kind of car. Not sure why. Maybe because my son likes them. Have they put cup holders in the back yet? I remember when they first came out, there weren't any. Deal breaker for me-haha!

    1. LOL. for him, it's about horse power. this is the base model and is a 4-cylinder... basically a dodge neon. that's why he considers it girly.
      and yes, i carried plants home yesterday in the backseat cupholders, they are down by the floor :)

  2. I drive a jeep wrangler and one of my favorite things is the camaraderie between owners in the form of the Jeep Wave. I'm discriminating though- only two door wranglers get the acknowledgment from me!

    1. LOL, you learn something new everyoday. never heard of the jeep wave before. I don't think anyone I know drives a jeep. I always wanted a topless one though!


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