Monday, October 18, 2010

weekend pictures.

I used to know how to blog without pictures. How did I do that? So glad for digital technologies, especially cameras. :) (and a camera phone which takes better pictures than the actual camera PLUS uploads them to photobucket automatically)
Hmm. So, I picked up D from daycare at about 4pm Friday. when I got there he was laying down and whining, which he She said he'd been doing it about half an hour and acting normal before that. So, we get in the car and he passes out before we've gone half a block and we live like 5 blocks from daycare so, a really short car ride. Then we get home and I sit him on my lap and cuddle. Not 3 minutes after getting in the door he barfs down my shirt. As in, down the inside of my shirt & bra, NASTY!
I set him on the floor right away so I could get my shirt off and he dozed off again. Which he also never does. He sleeps in his crib and ONLY in his crib.

So, I also made something this weekend!
a little wreath made from a phonebook, ribbon & beads :) I put it above my sink for a little kitchen cuteness, which was seriously lacking before. The picture is in the livingroom picture window, I don't have a window above my kitchen sink unfortunately, hence the need for something there..

And last night I started yet another knitting project since I'm *almost* done with the hat I made D. Just have to hide the extra yarn ends & attach the poms (which I made last night). I temporarily misplaced my little yarn needle for sewing the ends in though, I know it'll turn up today or tomorrow, but meanwhile, I'm knitting another bag like the one from Mother's day, I *think* it'll be prettier though. I have about an hour left of knitting on the razor cami (orange) but I just can't seem to want to do it. It's boring ribbing.

Tie for cutest pictures ever:
kitten on facebook & sick boy playing truck

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  1. aww poor thing, I hope he feels better soon! that wreath is adorable, good job!


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