Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Oooh this is great! LOL

WIP Wednesday.. ehhhh.....
I haven't done much knitting since I finished D's hat (which was complimented in person today, yay!). BUT my costume is done, done, done!! It was a little more work than I think I expected when I set out to make my own, but it is just about exactly as I envisioned. I wanted to make a dress, but since I've never sewed a dress before, I made a skirt instead and paired it with a coordinating tank top I already owned. Eh, can't win 'em all.

As far as knitting, I'm working on the peacock bag which is coming along nicely, Rob's mom saw me knitting it in the car and now she wants one too. Good thing it's a pretty simple pattern, I think I'll make hers purrrple - her favorite color & try to get it to her for Christmas.

I did a few rows of ribbing on orange and I think I'll try finish it soon! Only a few rows left of 2x2 ribbing and straps!

Next I want to start an infinity scarf - oh, and mittens. I found a cute pair of purple knit mittens my mom bought me a few years back, with snowflakes and even sequins on them that are super adorable but one is tighter than the other and it drives me crazy. Plus I lost one this morning. *sad face* I hope the ones I make are just as lovely and even softer :)

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