Monday, May 17, 2010

The weekend

Well, I went to see Babies on Friday with Kim. It was . . . . interesting..  I was talking about it all weekend. People who don't care about babies and hadn't heard of the movie (such as Rob, his cousin Casey, and Kim's boyfriend) thought it sounded interesting... and educational LOL. It was.

So then we went to see Kim's friend Leah's new baby. He was soooo tiny and quiet and sleepy. Oh I miss that! Oh yea, and we brought the new mommy a Blizzard from DQ and kept her company for a bit. When I got home, Rob & Dev were in bed. Successful girls' night, I'd say.

Saturday I went to TGIFriday's for my friend Abby's 24th birthday. Had some delicious chocolate peanut butter pie for dessert! Saturday next night was interesting. Rob's cousin Casey finally let us meet his girlfriend. Ha, just last weekend I was teasing him that she must be a troll if they've been seeing each other how long (really, I don't know a few months now) and he hangs out with us on his days off but yet we've never even seen her. They came over and we drank & played cards. I guess I like her ok. She's quite a bit like me from what I gathered and we had fun ganging up on the guys - I always do. And uhh yea. I am a lightweight and that point where you should take a break for awhile hits me reallly quickly. So Sunday, I spent the day relaxing {or hungover} at home, knit a little while I washed my sheets. Also Sunday evening, I went to Cash Wise and spent $78 on $116 worth of groceries. I know that's not incredible but it's still pretty helpful in our small budget, and now our cupboards are pretty full. My favorite deal of the day was 10 Knorr sides for $8. I had a mfg coupon when you buy 10 Knorr sides, get 1 free Rotisseri Chicken and a store coupon to get a 3lb bag of frozen chicken breasts w/the 10 Knorr sides. So hell yea! Lots of chicken and lots of Knorr sides for $8! We plan to go to the meat store to get some sausage and beef, though we have a little for now.

And some cute pictures of Devin:
Chocolate Easter Bunny: He wasn't impressed.

A natural mechanic:

Also Rob talked to his dad this weekend. In the next month sometime, Devin's grandparent's from Texas will be here. They're bringing stuff for us! A sewing machine and a Harley. The Harley is Rob's dad's that was Rob's birthday present this year. He got a new one. And the sewing machine is for Rob too. Just kidding. Rob was telling his stepmom that I wanted one for Mother's day and she said she'd bring hers for me to have. I can't wait because I have like at least 10 things I want to make with it! This being the first. Even Rob thought it sounded awesome when I described it to him (and that doesn't happen often!).

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