Thursday, May 13, 2010

cute behaviors

Devin has picked up a few new behaviors which are ALL adorable . . . other than the fit-throwing. Toddlers...

Anyways I'll just put them in a list for easy reference:
1. Carries his easter basket/cloth bucket around on his shoulder like a purse. (it's camoflauge;very manly)
2. Loves sunglasses. We've already bought & lost 2 pair for him. He steals mine and has broken 3 pair of mine already this spring.
3. says 'Uh Oh' and 'Ah No', which I think also means all done. This morning I told him "time to go to Jenny's" (daycare) and he said "Nenny" back to me. We said "Jenny" "Nenny" about 6 more times. SOOO Cute!
4. He also loves make-up. When I get ready in the morning, I do my makeup sitting on the couch with him usually attached to my side because he thinks they're toys. This morning he helped me put them away when I was done, the ones he was holding and he smiled when I said thank you like he felt accomplished. I zipped up my bag and then found a mascara under his leg so I handed it to him and unzipped the bag for him to put it in and he did right away!
5. He learned quickly that lotion is not ketchup. Ketchup is his favorite he'll eat absolutely anything with ketchup on it. It's our new trick to getting him to eat (he's picky). Once I put it on a raw cucumber chunk & he ate it. LOL. A couple weeks ago I was lotioning him up after bathtime and he held his hand out so I put a little dab on his finger. . . which went straight into his mouth. ICK! This morning, I was moisturizing my face and he held out his hand out again so I touched the tip of the bottle to his finger and the tiniest dab got on there. He started rubbing his hands together and then after he saw me rub it on my face he started to do the same. He's probably gonna have baby soft skin at 45. Gotta start young. ;-) At least that's what skincare companies want us to believe.

Now if we can just get him to start walking. I love baby walks and I'm afraid since he's starting so late that he's actually doing it when nobody is looking and we won't see the wobbly stage, he'll just be a pro one day. Probably an irrational fear since he's never alone for more than 2 minutes and I realllly doubt he's walking around his crib at naptime. He's super hesitant when we want to hold his hand & help, but practically runs with his push-toy. I don't get it.

Speaking of babies: I'm going to see the Babies movie tomorrow with my newly pregnant friend Kim. I'm pretty excited.

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