Friday, May 21, 2010


So lately {since the weather finally decided to get nice} we have been trying to get outside for at least a little bit daily. Being so close to the park makes it super easy - it's like our backyard except not our own. Last night we went to the park to fly Rob's RC plane. This story ends badly with me flying the thing into either the woods or the river. Yea, GO me, I seem to ruin everything. So then I went home with a pouty man-baby and a real baby who wonders why he didn't get to go down the slide even once. Oh yea. So then we're at home and I'm enjoying a nice big glass of water after Devin goes to bed. I told Rob multiple times he can break something of mine... including my arm if he is really mad at me. I stood up and kicked my water over on the carpet. Dangit.

The night before that Devin and I took a half hour bike ride. I didn't want to miss my show or it might've been longer. Half hour was enough though since, I looked back halfway through the ride to see this:
I panicked a little. He's always quiet back there and I check back about every 5 minutes.
I called out his name and he gave me some very sleepy eyes.
Oh so funny.

And here he is modeling his camo easter basket/purse:

So today is a super short work day for me. Dev had his 15 month appt this morning, so I got here at 10, took lunch from 1130-1245 and am leaving at 2. I was supposed to work til 3.. but my boss is trying to make up for her leaving me with the annoying one for two days this week.

And Devin's appointment went well this morning. His stats are (as close as I can remember):
30.5 in.  - 35th percentile
25 lbs - 55th percentile
 ??  head - 88th percentile
Dr. said his head is big because he has big brains. He also got his scrotum fondled by the dr. That was interesting - he said something about the testicles should be descending at this age and if they stay up too long some babies have to have surgery. One was 'kinda up there' but no worries. It was weird for sure. He's healthy and going to walk soon. At least I keep telling myself that.


  1. OMG, those pictures of the bike ride cracked me up! How adorable!
    And I'm so glad that I now know the status of your son's testicles. LOL! Kidding.

  2. Wait til they do it to Isaac! LOL- he was on my lap. Just weird.


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