Wednesday, May 5, 2010

some spring

I said I had pictures and I do.
Lately I've been just liking the feeling of accomplishing something. And plus it's spring and I got some free seeds in the mail. So I planted some Marigolds in tea cups - so they fit on the window ledge where Dev can't get them but the sun can. I did 3 of them, and for some odd reason one did not sprout at all but the other 2 did. 
So, after I realized those were going to grow indoors just fine, I decided I was gonna try transplant them into something bigger. I got a little trough-style planter at Family Dollar and later decided to fill it w/dirt and plant MORE seeds. This time baby's breath (also free) and the rest of the marigolds.
Day One:

Day 11:

I checked them last night and they're all doing awesome! I shoulda took another picture...

Well, that's enough pictures. I am sooo slow about loading & doing what I want w/my pictures.. I'm working on it. My other good news from yesterday is that I got new sunglasses. :) For free. Well w/a gift card. I knew I was going to go to kohl's because I'm broke & I had a $20 GC from there from Christmas. Dev broke my $5 wal-mart shades last week and yesterday was our only day of sun this week, but I needed some. Imagine my delight when I got there and saw all their sunglasses were 40% off. A couponer's dream!

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