Wednesday, May 12, 2010

on my mind

Well. Let's talk about what's been on my mind lately. As in for at least a week now.
Here's some clues:

My fantasy comes true! I'm taking the afternoon off from work {which, my boss asked if I have plans =/ i don't and I said no, she probably thinks something is wrong [it's not, just a little stress & a bad case of PMS]} and going home and enjoying my home. Alone. And I don't even plan on cleaning. Just napping, reading, sorting coupons or knitting. Or all 4. Seems like I never get to be in my home completely alone anymore and while that's a good thing, it's also kind of a bad thing in my mind. I just want to relax and not being doing this or that for either of my boys/babies. HA!

Also, awesome news! My boss is getting rid of the old server because it didn't have enough space to be a server anymore (like before I came here 2 years ago they got a new one) and she's just now gotten around to doing something with the old computers. I think she's giving me one. How awesome! We're fine w/out a computer in our house since I can use my work one for pretty much anything and our phones now have 3G and can access the web anytime, anywhere. But I was telling her after she offered me the monitor that we haven't had a computer in awhile and are wanting one to skype w/Leighton so I'll take the monitor and see what happens w/our computer situation. Well then she said she'll check if there's a way we can have one of the towers too! YAY! I soooo don't want a desktop, but I'll take what I can get. We have a printer & webcam and other stuff for computers, just no computer so I hope I can have this!

Oh and last night my friend Jenni and I were talking about how we both have TV shows for like, every single night of the week. LOL Makes me feel lazy! I don't even have cable and I have a show for every night! There's only 2 nights I actually care if I miss my shows (Tuesdays & Thursdays; Biggest Loser & The Office) but still. Funny!

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  1. WE have shows for every night too. But we dont watch them until tthe weekend. Sad i know. We DVR. We recently discussed getting rid of cable because almost everything we watch, well minus Yo Gabba Gabba, is on regular tv!


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