Monday, May 24, 2010

what to knit next

So I'm searching ravelry for some random stuff to knit. (a table runner or at least an idea to create my own or some kind of 'decoration' for my walls). The options I have picked for the search list are home and other. The strangest thing is in this list like a million times. Can anyone tell me what the hell a teapot cosy is? I mean clearly I can see what it is but I don't see a point. Here's an example:

Doesn't seem very functional. I guess maybe that's not the point because one thing I've learned browsing ravelry is that.... alot of knitters have alot of spare time no their hands. Heh. Says the girl who is knitting a stuffed turtle and was contemplating what to name him on her lunch break. He'll be here soon.

In other knitting news, I checked out the new (well, at least I think it is... ) yarn store in town. It's locally owned and they have a little livingroom type space to sit & knit w/other ladies (people..), or crochet if that's your thing. Anyways, they have waaaay more yarn & variety than hobby lobby or the other craft stores in town. Plus the people who own it knit & crochet and help with projects as well as have classes and lessons. Yea. I wish I had more time in a day - I'd totally go there alot. The yarn is a tish expensive, but only because it's much better quality than craft store yarn - as in it would make a very soft sweater! Which happens to be on my brain and would like to be finished by fall.. We'll see. The thing about sweaters is, you have to buy all the yarn at one time so you know it's in the same 'dye lot' and your sweater doesn't magically change shades by the time you run out and have to get more. And that's around like $50 worth of yarn for me {my frugal side says "ouch, don't you have a coupon?" and stupid me missed the sale last week}. And plus, I'm not very confident that my first attempt would be all that good and I'd hate to waste that much money on a project that doesn't turn out. So maybe fall of '11. HAHA!

So, I dunno what I'm going to knit next.. still thinkin... and browsing ravelry.

One other thing I can't forget to mention! Devin took his first steps on Saturday!! Two whole steps away from the wall. We clapped and cheered and then he plopped down and crawled to us. LOL!

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