Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday number list

A few things:
1. I'm on a diet. I suck at diets, but I have successfully lost 20 lbs. I've kept all but 1 or 2 lbs off for a month and it took me approx. 3 months to get them off. I'm trying to do more, but it is very hard. Dieting is boring. Eating is fun.

2. I completed another knitting project. took one night.. about 3 hours.
    To state the obvious it is a case for my phone. The Droid is a touch screen and combined with my luck, it will need a little protection. It turned out pretty fluffy, which I like. I'm also in looovvee with my phone, so I may make a few more of these in different colors to accessorize. Knitting is my anti-food, that's the main reason I'm doing it right now - to stay out of the kitchen. Even though I'm sitting on my ass, at least I'm not eating like a pig. Plus, I like a finished product, it gives me an awesome sense of pride. Even if I'm the only one that likes what I made.

3. I'm tiiirreed. I'm so sick of this rain I just feel like napping every day.

4. It's Friday!

5. Mother's Day is Sunday ~ Birthmother's Day is Saturday.

6. For lunch I had a slim-fast shake. Slim fast powder is surprisingly very tasty. I'd say it's better than nesquick. Yes, I just said that. Coffee is good too, and I'm enjoying that now.

7. Happy weekend! I'm hoping to get a nap when I get home, but it's very doubtful since Devin gets up from his nap shortly before I pick him up. Maybe tomorrow, plus, I probably won't remember saying I wanted a nap once I finish this coffee. A dunkin donuts sample of turbo donut or whatever. Yea..

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