Thursday, May 13, 2010

CVS 5/12

Excuse the sucky phone picture from the inside of my car.
Got all this yesterday for $2.05 Out of pocket and got $4 ECB back. I suppose you could say this is my first ever profit CVS trip. Whoohoo for that! Like I said, I'm broke so I plan to go back for the rest of my circled deals but I figured I'd get as many of the almost free things as I could early on in the week.

I could've done even better, but I thought we were gonna have spaghetti for supper last night (we were out)  and had a change of plans at last minute. The spaghetti was 1.99 so that's basically all I paid for. The cashier was both impressed at how well I did and jealous. She was jealous of all the coupons that printed at the end of my reciept, to which I pumped my fist! Sweet! Makes it feel like a game when they say how well you did.. kinda like winning something LOL.

I also did a little experiment yesterday. I earned $2 ECB online from attempting to take a CVS online survey (which I did not qualify for, otherwise it woulda been $10ECB). This $2ECB was sent to my email and you can open the link and print away. I printed 2 and they expire June 2. I used one last time and tried it this time (I know.. dishonest, I'm curious like that though) just to find out what would happen. It alerted the cashier that it had already been redeemed and the date which it was redeemed.

The second part of my experiment was that my winter spending ECB ($2.50) was printed on my reciept 2 CVS trips ago and I spent it last time too. Well then I got my earnings in my email and printed the $2.50 from the email and used it this time and it did work. Strange but true. I'm pretty sure that's what happened anyway.. that I got the same reward in 2 forms and was allowed to use them both. I could've read it wrong too...

EDITED: Good thing I decided to wait til the end of the week on the rest of my CVS run because just after I posted this I checked my email and found this beauty:

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