Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2nd Mother's Day.

Well, my 2nd Mother's day left alot to be desired. We'll leave it at that. We went up & spent the day with my parents. Me, Lex, Mom & Dev played at the park until the poor guy was all wore out. Motrin (for teething) + Lunch + the park will do that to a guy. I got all my laundry done. I brought it there because of the beef stew incident in our apartment. Someone put canned beef stew in both dryers in our apartment & turned them on. I assume it's because they figured the dryers sucked & management would have to replace them. Guess they didn't think of a power washer, cuz now we have cooked beef stew power-washed (super-sucky) dryers.

I knit my Mom's Mother's day present:

Oh yea. The highlight of my Mother's Day was talking with my dear Leighton on the phone. He apparently loves to talk on the phone and was telling me all about his new bedroom (it's green FYI - My fav color & his too) and his new town. I also talked to C and they have plans to come back for a wedding the weekend I will be camping with my parents :(. they also have 'maybe' plans to come back a few weeks after that, which is when Rob's dad & stepmom are coming up from TX. But a short visit with my little guy won't ruin that or offend them so hopefully they do decide to come then.

So much to look forward to. But mostly I'm looking forward to seeing the sun again. Supposed to be a nice weekend and I plan to get out on my bike for a few hours at least!

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