Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Last night, Dev and I got to go for our first ride in Rob's new (to him, it's like a '95) mustang. He'd had it 5 days and we had yet to even sit in it, so we went for supper. I'll need driving lessons to drive it, so Rob drove us. Devin seemed to like it, he even got excited when the tires squealed. The carseat isn't horrible in it which surprised me. Doesn't really matter because I won't be driving it and Dev drives with me most places. Plus the mustang is our 3rd vehicle so the chances of us needing to all 3 ride in it are pretty small. It was fun, and Rob says he's gonna teach me to drive it. But we'll see. I'm not sure either of us has the patience.

As soon as we got in the car he started lecturing. Like just "blah blah blah" about the clutch is the gas and do it smooth and slow and "blah blah blah". Seriously, I mostly just heard blah blah blah. I realized why school is so annoying - because of the lecture! I guess I'm a hands-on learner because if he were to be saying the exact same things while I was in the driver's seat we might be talking!

Anyways. I'm going to the chiropractor today. I'm so glad! My shoulder has started getting weird on me and now I'm getting headaches and just... ugh. I thought losing weight would help my back and sometimes I think it is, but what the hell!

The radio totally reminded me of this this morning. BK Rap. Call me immature, but that still amuses me, a lot. Bad news though, I have no speakers so I'm not sure that I linked the video I think it is since I can't hear it.. I hope so.

I just read through this and realized I should blog after my coffee. Oops  :)

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