Wednesday, December 29, 2010

WIP Wednesday

So, my friend Kim had her baby girl, Dylan, last Wednesday. Baby is still at the hospital but should be going home any day now. Kim's home & doing as well as expected. She started having fever in labor which turned out to be an infection that passed to baby. Hospital policy is that antibiotics on newborns must be completed in the NICU. Lovely, over Christmas. I just can't wait to see her in person & snuggle the little thing!

Anyways, I visited the new (again) mama at the hospital & brought gifts. The first is a handmade owl pillow for the kids to share or just for the big brother to think that it's just for him being a great big brother. :) And the second was the stripey scarf. Finished and turned out really pretty (I think):

I may be biased since I modified the design so much & added stripes that it's almost like an original design. Like I kinda sorta designed something. :) I was really tempted to keep it.

Also: my sweet darling little brother gifted me yarn for Christmas. Right away the wheels started turning and I am now in the middle of knitting myself a hat. I hope it fits because this is also an 'original' design. (original being used very loosely).


what do you think?