Tuesday, December 21, 2010

total eclipse & tuesday two

bahaha! I bet you think I'm talking about the movie*. And I'm not! {Last night was a Lunar Eclipse (so I hear anyway) - I didn't know this until like 8 pm last night and I guess it was supposed to happen around 1.30 am. and I most certainly was not awake then. {after reading the link, it looks like I was on my way home when it happened, but it was really cloudy from all the snowing} Anybody see it?

I went over to my bff Kim's house to watch the Vikings lose last night and everytime we looked outside it got brighter & brighter. Refraction is awesome because by the time we left (at 11.30pm) it was brighter outside than it was when we got there at like 7.30. And with the moon all covered up!

Also: two videos for Tuesday, from Jimmy Fallon last night (you know, because I was awake that late and the lightness outside tricked me into not being sleepy): Laugh.

*ps. in case you are wondering about my reading progress on breaking dawn - i'm slow. I'm about halfway done and haven't been reading much (obviously) but it's not because I'm not interested. It's still on my bedside table & I haven't book-cheated on it yet so maybe after Christmas I can finish. :)

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