Tuesday, December 14, 2010

little blanket

I'm taking this off my sidebar now, but I wanted to explain what it was. A month (?? I can't remember time goes so fast!!) or so ago I saw that this company was sending free mini blankets if you post this button and show them the link to where you posted it. So I did. I got my mini blanket and it is adorable and super super soft - also they sent a card with it if you want to buy a real full size blanket. I'm pretty sure these blankets arent' just for babies - it is seriously really nice. The card said that the mini blanket has a $15 value, so idk if the link still works but I'd try it. When it showed up, Devin immediately claimed it for his teddy bear that has the matching fuzz and wrapped him up for cuddles. So cute!

This is the one we got.

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