Tuesday, December 7, 2010

online shopping

errr. online window shopping. Love.

So I'm on Old Navy to see what's on sale this week.
Found this cute shirt, I mean its nothing special, but I don't have one like it..
I like to read the reviews on ON because they don't sell plus size in the store,
so that's one way to know what you're getting.

Read review #1.

Wow lady, Tell us how you really feel. This is my favorite: "old navy please put ur womens plus in the stores seems like u hate fat people and dont want us going to your store"

That's great. I do agree though, that they should never have taken plus size out of the store. Sucks.

PS - Post 100!! wooohooo!

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  1. LMBO at the lady's comment. I like to read the reviews, too. It seems like ON's sizes never run consistently.


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