Monday, December 13, 2010

hello monday

uff - sorry for the lack of posts last week. WIP Wed in particular. I was looking forward to it and ... meh. I guess i got busy. hey lauren - WIP stands for Work in Process (or progress as I like to say). For some reason I learned that term in college - for accounting purposes, but it is also used for blogging purposes referring to knitting.

So lets start with that: last week I mailed off a hat to Lauren's little girl, I think it is a pretty adorable hat!
D tried it on for size - and it did turn out a teeny tiny bit tighter than I'd hoped especially considering that M is older than D and also considering that D's head is much larger than average.

Not a great pic of the hat, but an irrisistable photo of D

Evidence that D needs a sister - she's adorable!! HA!

The lucky & adorable recipient
Next: my littlest sister said she liked my sweet mitts. and that she wanted a pair. I used the same yarn to make hers as well as a much much simpler pattern and with (black! sparkly!) stripes. I finished both this weekend (my needles are somehow getting faster - I'm glad!) other than weaving in the ends (which is an annoying but necessary process). Here's number 1:

And what my couch looks like every weekend that I get to knit the snowy days away (which is my favorite way to spend the weekend):

The afghan in the background was knit by my mom circa 2007.

This weekend we also got laundry done. some, not all. ufff. how does it always become such a huge job??! Thursday night we went to "uncle jesse's" house (that's D's God-father - his name is Jesse, but we like Uncle Jesse, for the FullHouse factor) and brought 'sexy' (Dev's nickname for Lexi) some toys that D had grown out of and we thought D would like to play when we go there to play. Instead they played with the basket for her toys.

And a cute video - just for Monday:


  1. she loves the hate thank you soooo much! im so jealous of your knitting skills

  2. Love the hat. I wish I had an ounce of talent!

  3. Cute hat! I haven't tried knitting one with ear flaps. I'll have to add it to my "to do" list, lol.


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