Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Well, Christmas is upon us (just about) and I decided very last minute that I wanted to make a scarf for someone (still not sure who). It started from a half-ball of pretty gray yarn with a rainbow strand:
It's hard to see but I like it. anyways, since I had a half-ball and I knew where I got the yarn (hobby lobby) I figured I'd easily get more. Not true, I have about 14 inches of scarf and no more yarn. What's up with that - they never change their selection! So after trip to said hobby lobby I came home with new sparkly yarn and began again, changing the pattern ever so slightly.
It's mainly cream with 3 black stripes on each end. well, only one end so far, but the plan is to have black stripes on both ends.
Also, in WIP news, being a new year and all, i'm throwing away orange. i'm sick of it {staring at me agrily} and i know there are much better patterns out there for me. especially now that i'm a little more experienced and will likely have fewer mistakes. so, dissapointing but what a relief!

Also for the new year - A new year-long project. Not really a project either, I just don't know how else to describe it. It is a 'totally useless stitch-a-long' {TUSAL} and here is the rules. Basically, you begin with an empty clear container of any sort:
Vase - posing with my twins
and put the trimmings from your knitting (in my case; for everyone else, it's whatever craft they enjoy most) in and post a picture of your TUSAL container every new moon (or once a month-ish). this should be easier to do than stupid razor cami. :)

I also have a big knitting goal for 2011 as well as a goal to learn crochet in the next year. Wish me luck!

Happy Wednesday and I'm off til Monday!

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  1. that is so funny! i can crochet but want to learn to knit in 2011! too bad we don't live near each other


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