Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Birthday {adoption post five}

{supposed to be posted in November}

Leighton had his 5th birthday party in Fargo and I was invited!! I've never been invited to his birthday party before, what an honor!! We've always seen each other around this time of year, obviously... but I've never met any of his extended family. I got to meet his grandma, and aunt and uncles - finally, FIVE years later.
We went to the Holiday Inn with the Shipwreck Bay pool. We swam and had cake and guess who else showed up..

baby daddy. Lmbo, can't really say baby daddy when referring to a 5-year-old or when the baby was adopted at 20 days old (five years ago...) ...but still, I do. And it was AWKWARD! I'd run into him in town here and that wasn't so awkward, he gave me his email to give to C&A, never did I expect them to invite him to Leighton's Birthday party in less than a week! Oh well, I'm glad for the fact that they can be in touch again, just hope I don't have to anymore...

Leighton gav e me my Christmas gift early - all handmade by my sweet boy. A hand-painted keepsake box with a pair of socks inside. He painted grips onto the bottom of the socks and a christmas ornament which is sooo adorable. I seriously can't wait to do stuff like that with Devin! I only got one photo from the party and it's terrible but I'll share it anyway because it represents the day for me. Leighton's mom wanted a photo of Me, Leighton, AND baby-daddy after this. It was sooo funny how she asked too "i know this isn't your first choice of things to do, but could we get you to come over and take a picture with Leighton & B?" LOL And also that she owes me big time. HA! I kinda want to see that picture after seeing how bad my own turned out...

Happy 5th Birthday, Buddy!!

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