Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So, this thanksgiving we had a choice to make based on the forecast. A winter weather advisory. Wednesday was supposed to be super bad around dark and keep getting worse until Thursday afternoon. (which is not even close to what happened) I asked to leave work early Wednesday since we had not packed to stay the night anywhere. So I went home and packed up (our dirty laundry to wash at gma & gpa's) and we left by suppertime on Wednesday. The weather and roads were awful & the air was tense. Thank goodness we had a photographer along for our huge 35 mile adventure.

He captured several gems like this of the back of my head & me holding onto the 'oh shit handle'.
Also, several photos of what looks like fingers and back seats...
and he did not like having the camera turned on him so much, it looks like a smile but I'll tell you it was actually whining..

We had a great Thanksgiving. My brother didn't make it, but we thought of him. Mostly about sending him a picture of a tiny piece of turkey and a dinner roll on a plate. He's a seriously picky eater and that's been his Holiday meal for years.  My sisters & I did some impromptu wardrobe swapping after dinner, which is not a great idea unless you really like to feel super fat. Getting new clothes from every which direction (I also got about 15-20 new tops from Rob's mom earlier in the week) made me go home and throw stuff out. Feels good to have cleaned out my dresser & closet!!

Other fantastical photos taken by our little photographer (not during a blizzard):

oh good times. wonder why there's a crack on my cell phone screen?
ps. no sinus infection yet. woke up today feeling like a million bucks..


  1. Glad you dont have a sinus infection. And I wondered if the whole "oh shit handle" thing was regional, but guess not, lol! Nationwide!

  2. oh yeah we totally have the oh shit handles buahahah


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