Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WIP Wednesday

ok, so i know i just did last weeks WIP wednesday on monday so we'll make this short & sweet. Like it was last minute or something (who me?)..

the stripey mitts are done, only one has ends woven in, the other is lost in my son's bedroom already.
At wal-mart last week, Rob passed yarn and said "curdy, please will you knit me a vikings stocking..we can buy yarn!" (I love the way that man thinks) - so purple & yellow yarn found my basket.

When we got home, the yarn found my needles (hey, by the way, I think I need more knitting needles) and they didn't form a stocking (on purpose of course) but a little Vikings hat for my baby. :) The stocking will probably wait til after Christmas so I have time to make a set of 3 (mine won't be Vikings, but maybe D's will) for our family for next year (and the rest of the years)
Bear is saying 'cheese'

Getting bear snuggly in the new(ish) blankie.

Oh and one other thing:
I have blonde hair now.

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  1. loove it, your hair looks purdy! oh and i looove your glasses


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