Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Orange, blah. It's on though, I'm going to have to do it because I've not thought of what I want to knit next yet. It's basically been a really lazy week this week. But I have big plans for working on stuff not knitting related {aka. procrastinate on orange some more}and I know my hands will get bored and some knitting will come about.

I unwrapped the baby blanket to take a picture because it's so sweet:
One side is polka dots & one side ladybugs with flowers. the bow is scraps from the blanket :)

Also, Grandma bought something else for me (and Devin) at the fabric store on Sunday:

I'm going to make the top & pants with the arrows & cuffs on the sleeves & pants like I circled. We bought the fabric for it to be a sweatsuit, not pajamas but with the reasoning that this pattern can really be made a bunch of times with all kinds of knit fabrics - hooray for that. The fabric we bought is pretty ugly since the store had a seriously limited supply of sweatshirt fleece and the hugest selection was the blanket fleece type. But I'll consider it attempt #1 and I'm sure I'll have mistakes this time and improvements next time when I buy cuter fabric. :)

Lastly, this familiar lamp (we had two just like it growing up in our old house) was outside our apartment one morning so I grabbed it because we need a lamp (ours was cheap & the shades are melted) and I figured I'd try make it over. I've seen a bunch of people in blogland fix up some pretty neat lamps, so I need paint for it and a shade (and bulb.. hehe). I just cleaned it today on my lunch break and I'm pretty sure it can be cute. It's been in my garage like 6 months, so it's time, Rob threatened to throw it away unless I do something with it so... wish me luck. If it ends up dreadful, I'll still share :)

Happy Wednesday!

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