Monday, November 22, 2010

getting festive over here

Oh yes it is!
And Devin helped!! Though, that particular string is not up yet and is still sitting on the livingroom floor. heh. Just after this picture D went down & I didn't want to bang & crash around and keep him up... and then, as we all know, procrastination happened all the way until Monday morning when we have important things like work to go to. The four stars did get up in the 'dining room' window though. Besides, its not like you can really 'go all out' as far as decorations go in an apartment anyhow. We don't even have a balcony, so meh.

Plus this weekend we got our 'first snow' that stuck and was light and pretty. I think Devin's face says it all:

We got waaaaay more this morning, which made for a fun drive to work and even more fun standing in a foot of snow to brush the foot of snow off my car & fill my shoes (cuz I don't have boots... insane!{they are already on my Christmas list})

So anyways. Today was day #1 of no more daycare (at least for now). My pockets feel better already for not shelling out $110/week. As of today, Rob is Mr.Mom. Today was the perfect day for day #1 though, since I was 20 minutes late for work the way it is... would've been here around 9 if I'd've had to make 'the drop-off,' HA, i'm exaggerating but still....

Oh yea, and Rob is doing snow removal for the winter (perfect day for day #1 of that too as soon as his shift at home is over!) with a guy he's known forever who has a business. So yea, Happy Monday! :)

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